I wish to welcome you to the website for Revival or Decay Ministries! Whatever brought you here, I believe it was not by accident – and I hope that the visit is a blessing.

The main focus of this effort is to present the gospel, this ministry and to be a beacon for Jesus Christ within a dark and dying world. This is not for anything other than the furtherance of the Lord’s work, and will render no personal gain for myself or anyone else that may be involved in the future.

We seek to hold revival meetings, as the Lord provides, and when the Lord provides. His will be done in this situation, as we can not kick down the doors God wishes to open in his own time – to quote a old-fashioned preacher. It is in the hand of God when we will be used and for HIS glory.

Evangelist Jake Nicholson

Currently I do not have a sending church – however this will not be out of the question should a church desire to take on our ministry for support. I believe it is vital to have a local, KJB preaching, church as the sending and sponsor for evangelism, missions, and other ministries. The last thing I would want this to be is a para-church organization functioning OUTSIDE the order which God has provided.

There are many things I want to accomplish for Christ – I must preach the gospel at every opportunity He gives me – and I know that is what He will have me do. If you believe God wants to have me preach in your church, or present the ministry, head over to the Contact Page and let us make it happen. I believe it is His will that it will happen – and when it does, I wish to only serve him as he commanded.

I am at present, Assistant Pastor of Coors Road Baptist Church, in Albuquerque NM – but am open to change as the Lord allows.

I invite you to like our Facebook page , join us on Social Felons– and spread the word. As that is how this work will start – and it will grow as the Lord sees fit to bless.

Stay tuned – as things are just getting started!

Jake Nicholson
Jesus Never Fails
II Tim. 4:12