Why I use the KJB.

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When I was only a brand new Christian I was given a copy of the NIV bible to use. I used that bible for a couple of years until I stumbled across a website which showed the errors of the NIV compared to the KJV. It was then that I switched over the KJV. Coincidentally, someone (an unbeliever) gave me their old copy of a KJV that they had read previously. I had this sitting at home not being used because I had the NIV.
I have since learnt so much more about the corruption of the counterfeit Bibles that I only prefer the King James Version.
There are so many discrepancies, deletions, omissions and downright error in the newer versions that I won’t use them as my primary bible source. shakespeare

I know many people love their bible versions, because they are easier to understand. The funny thing about this…

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