Crime Epidemic Claims Memphis Teacher – Degenerate Charged

Cleotha Abston, the degenerate who most likely brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher has been arrested – and since he is part of the protected class, it will be interesting if he actually remains in jail, and if he gets punished at all in the cesspool that is Memphis.

Eliza Fletcher, was a Memphis native, who worked as a teacher at an all girls school in the city. Just a normal mother of two trying to make her way with her family in this dark and spiraling world we are forced to live in. The criminal worshiping, and sin soaked left wing have created this problem with almost 60 years of unfettered reign in most of America’s largest cities. They have presided over the pillage and murder that has been happening, and it is a perfect example of what happens when GOD is forgotten, and the religion of progressivism is installed as the theocracy.

Would a God-Fearing, nuclear family raised, normal individual have a record f brutalizing people since he was 16? I think not. However, the leftists have decided they are gods, demolished the family, and installed the mantra of decadence and hedonism as the rule of the day.

These stories are all too common, with the ‘blue check marks’ on Twitter losing their minds that the story of a kidnapped white woman made the news. The degenerates on Twitter only know race and sex, so therefore are only able to see things through this lens. Undoubtedly the perpetrator will be painted as some sad victim of his socioeconomic factors, when in reality he is the godless heathen the left has created.

As out nation gets further from God, and the Christian principles on which it was founded, these stories will become more and more commonplace – and they will become martyrs for the cause of the death of our nation –

The only answer is full repentance of the false idols of leftism and modern race theory – and the return to the principles of all men are equally sinful – and the only solution is the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Devoting our lives to those values that once guided society is the only way these monsters will be put down – and the political parasites that created them be cast into the streets in shame.

Our prayers are with this young woman’s family – and may God have mercy on the animal that harmed her.





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