Psychopath Woman Declares Literal War on Christians

Audrey Hale, a violent transsexual cult member, attacked a Christian school in Nashville – she murdered 6 people, (3 students and 3 adults at the school) and it is a tragedy that this has become a thing that happens in the modern society we live in. This has nothing to do with guns my friend – it has everything to do with sinful people rejecting God and all things Holy in exchange for fleshly lust and selfish emotions.

While we can only offer prayers and support to the families of the slain, and the vigilance to protect our churches and schools from these psychotic people – we must acknowledge that this is not going to be the last time this happens. Within hours of the massacre by MS. Hale, calls for violence from the transsexual community echoed throughout social media… However I think that this can best be said by Tucker Carlson, who as usual hit the nail right on the head…. Watch below –

Fox News host Tucker Carlson expounds on the terrorism committed by not just Ms Hale, but also other transsexual cult members who have committed atrocities recently.

So I have a statement for you my fellow Christian – whether you are Baptist, Presbyterian, non-denominational, Pentecostal, Lutheran, or whatever other denominational label, – you must arm yourself and your church.

Pastors: You must start carrying a weapon, and have your ushers, security, and membership do the same. They want to murder you and your children – you must make that less likely.

If you have are going to a church that refuses to protect your children, then go to another church that will.

If your pastor or leadership refuses to DENOUNCE the transsexuals, homosexuals, and other perverts who are indoctrinating our children and poisoning our civilization LEAVE THAT CHURCH NOW. There is no room for weak minded cowards who wish not to offend or suffer backlash –

Before you mention how we are to be martyrs for Christ – remember, he said the GOVERNMENT will kill us for our faith – there is nothing in scripture that says for us to allow our children, brethren, and sisters to be murdered by degenerates.

The time has come to defend your families – (Provide for your own) – will you fail that test and be worse than an infidel?



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