#DUMPFOX Fox News Fires Tucker Carlson – Leading Voice of Truth in American Media

The shocking news broke several hours ago – Fox News got rid of Tucker Carlson.

The man was number one in ratings. The man was number one in Truth. The man was doing The Lords work by exposing the culture war we face daily in our decaying nation… So what happened? Satanic (YES I said Satanic) forces pulled off a victory over a beacon of light – and now the end has come for Fox News.

Sean Hannity, who I have nothing against, is not going to take the place of Carlson – does he claim to be a Christian as Tucker did? Yes – but the two are not interchangeable. Hannity has a canned set of talking points and merely rehashes that which Tucker already expertly discussed – or worse yet, chases the same rabbits that he does every night… Nothing new – nothing interesting.

So now what do we do?

We have lost a valuable – and dare I say, priceless – news source. The moral RIGHT in this nation has lost a guide, and now we must keep ourselves vigilant for the distractions and fakes who will undoubtedly appear to fill the gap.






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