A Goal

It is important to have a stated goal – an aim as it were.. Something that is tangible and realistic. I could easily state on this page that our goal is to win every single lost person on this planet to the blessed Savior – Jesus.. While that in and of itself IS our goal, my friend that is also the commandment given – The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19, Luke 14:23) to all Christians.

As for Revival or Decay Ministries, the goal is to bring back the old time evangelism – at least one more time before the Lord comes – and there is no more chance for the lost to come in. This is not a church planting mission, a happy-fun time get together (although at the old time gospel meetings of old, a wondrous and blessed time was always had by the believers!) or some form of social call. This is an effort to REVIVE and bring at least SOME to repentance – be they lost OR saved.

My desire is to preach wherever the Lord opens the door – as that is what I am called to do.. To preach – whenever and wherever God calls.

At some point – I am currently not sure when – I will begin the task of seeking a form of deputation, from a good old fashioned, Bible believing (KJV) soul-winning Baptist church, and then proceed as God provides, to hold meetings at whatever churches would welcome the event.  When and where this starts – is something that only the Lord can make happen.

I ask for your prayers – as that is the most valuable asset I can garnish at this point – as I know it will take time and effort to bring this to fruition! Things do not simply appear overnight simply because I wish it – or because I believe it should be so. I must seek Him and His will in everything that can be done within the ministry – and pray diligently that the pathway is opened and the way made.

Donations are always appreciated – and if the Lord leads you to support this ministry in a financial capacity then I thank you – however I would never require that from anyone.

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Thanks for reading –

God Bless!

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