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  • CNN Attempts to Attack Christianity – We MUST Stand Together

    CNN Attempts to Attack Christianity – We MUST Stand Together

    A recent article by godless heathens at CNN has surfaced, claiming that Christians are some sort of White supremacy organization or something, which is wrong on it’s face, however it attempts to use a gender studies professor, and a Marxist sociologist to attempt a take down on Christianity, the founding of America as a Christian…

  • Most Fundamental Rights Under Attack

    Most Fundamental Rights Under Attack

    As the sick dog and pony show in Sodom on the Potomac has ended for the day, one of the key takeaways is the repeated statements that such things should never EVER be allowed to happen again. Despite the facts surrounding the mostly peaceful protest, (unlike BLM and ANTIFA savages who burned down entire swaths…

  • American War Against God?

    American War Against God?

    Right this very moment, in Greenville MS, the city council has voted to literally ban all church gatherings for the duration of the statewide stay at home order. Just a few short hours ago, the police literally raided a church service and shut them down. The pastor, Charles E. Hamilton JR, of King James Bible…