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Everyone needs a hard-copy of God’s Word for themselves.. Whether it be a fancy Scofield Reference, a plain Bible, or other assorted varieties – everyone should be in possession of a well used, and revered King James Bible. This page will be an effort to list REAL resources online for receiving a King James Bible. No muss, no fuss.

However below you will find those that I have found that offer a King James Bible – by mail, for free – with as much information as I can provide regarding the organization, what they offer, and my take on them.(See bottom of page quote box)

Just as the website name suggests, they offer free Bibles, by mail. All that is required is a quick and easy to fill out order form online. Opening into a wonderfully designed web-page it is easy to navigate and easy t0 find everything needed to get your free Bible. Simply pick the style of your bible, fill in an order form, and then it is on the way.

Unfortunately the website also offers NKJV perversions along side if you wish to choose one – although the landing page states as follows: offers King James Versions (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), and Spanish Bibles (RVR, NVI). recommends the King James Version if you do not know which Bible version to get.

While I am disappointed to see what is undoubtedly the most used resource for free Bibles offering perverted versions of God’s Word, I must at least say that them recommending people choose the KJV is at least a small step in the right direction. Either way however, you CAN receive a very nice KJB from this website. Only one request per household, and only for yourself – but it is a quality printing. I recommend them, however I do not condone their use of the NKJP (P=Perversion).


Currently there are other places offering free KJB – however they are unverified. As they are verified they will be added.




Listing the resources here is done of my own accord, without any request from the organizations running the websites, or endorsing anything they may do, offer, or otherwise promote aside from their offer of a free KING JAMES BIBLE. This will become clear as I make this page and it populates.

Listing on this page represents that the website/organization does deliver a free King James Bible as described. Those who do not, will be listed as such elsewhere if the need should arise – which I pray it does not. However, we must beware of false advertisement or scams.

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