Note To The Reader

This is not an apology for Satanists, as they – like any other lost person – are on their way to hell. What they do, in serving either Satan, or any other supposed ancient deity, is idolatry and following Satan – even if they are as described later, an Atheistic Satanist, they are still following the same path.

When reading this page – think about it like this… Satan would get far more converts to the occult, and Satanism as well, by it not ‘that bad’. As far as the world is concerned, Satanism is not ‘bad’ for the human race – to the human mind. It is however complete ungodliness and against the Bible.

This is only meant as an effort to dispel the false teachings circulating that impede in our sincere prayers, efforts and dealings with people who are lost on this path.

One thing to remember, is that Satanism is not always something in which they consider themselves working for who we know Satan is. By accusing them of such, even though it is true, makes us look to be small minded and weak. However, they are generally of one of two beliefs –

  1. Neither Satan nor God exist and they chose the name Satan to be obstinate.
  2. They believe their deity was given the wrong moniker of Satan, and that they use such as a modern name for a prehistoric entity or creature of whatever name they have found in mythology.

Basically something to remember – the majority of Satanists do not believe themselves to be part of anti-Christ – they truly do not think they are part of any form of Christian world view.. Which is where the truth needs to come out into the Christian community so we know exactly who, and what we are dealing with.

Anton LaVey – Founder Church of Satan

There is a lot of misinformation that circulates around the internet, and thus gets passed into the church. I have heard many of the rumors, ranging from eating babies, to secretly ruling the world from a dark candle-lit dungeon dripping in the blood of virgins.. However, I have been in the inner sanctum of Satanism – and seen it first hand.. My friend – these things are not so.

Now, graphics used by many, if not most – Satanists, depict dark rooms, evil icons, and other forms of imagery that perpetuate this ideology. Many of them get a kick out of the shock value that this brings to their workings, their dealings with Christians, and especially their want to be left alone. Despite the ‘reports’ by former Satanists on Alex Jones, and other areas of the internet – Satanism is not as it appears to be.

LaVeyen Satanism

Started by Anton Szander LaVey in the 1960’s, this formed what is called the Church of Satan. Mainly an atheistic organization, it pushes absolute hedonism, and moralism – as in, that which is moral to you, is to be respected but not pushed to others. Despite popular culture, he did not sacrifice children, or multiple animals, and the ‘church’ as it where is a misnomer.

From The Satanic Bible:

“On Saturday night,” LaVey recalled in one of our long talks, “I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing organ for tent-show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they’d be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence. I knew then that the Christian church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man’s carnal nature will out no matter how much it is purged or scourged by any white-light religion.”

Burton H. Wolfe, Introduction to The Satanic Bible
December 25, 1976

If anyone is to blame for the foundation of Atheistic Hedonistic Satanism, it is Christians, who – in their pursuit of fleshly lusts, showed a lost man – Anton LaVey, that there was nothing to Christianity but lies and deceit.

The majority of people within the Church of Satan, do not believe in Satan – they believe all of their magic, and other power comes from themselves – and refuse to acknowledge the hand of the Father of Lies in their life. Many, if not all, are law abiding, and sometimes well known people. They are typically anti-violence, and extremely liberal. Some would point to a more recent group, known generally as ‘The Satanic Temple’ as an offshoot of this organization.

The Atheistic Satanist can only be dealt with, as with any atheist, by showing them the love, reality, and truth of Christ. Bible verses are unlikely to effect them, aside from instigating a tirade against ‘spiritual pipe dreams’ and etc.

Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanism is a large amalgamation of different pagans, and other ‘magicians’ that follow a entity or object linked to Satan at some point, or in some manner. The idea is largely held that Judaism, and then Catholicism took the ancient religions of Sumeria, or another old cult – such as Egypt, and changed the names to mask the ‘ancient gods’ as demons and devils – and created God – (Which as we know in scripture is untrue) to control the masses.

Most theistic Satanists, are commonly misidentified as Wiccan, pagan, or with LaVeyen Satanists, however they are extremely on the polar opposite. While believing in a deity, they will be more apt to accuse you, the Christian, of working for a deity, entity, or other named spirit that is at odds with theirs. While they are correct accidentally, they will undoubtedly attempt to pull you into a conversation about religions that are “older” than Christianity and Judaism.. This will delve into topics ranging from Hopi Indians, Egyptians, and most likely Sumerian script. Do not fall for these! While many are well read, they ignore the Bible as a fake, and choose a belief in ancient cultures, that they cannot prove predate Adam and Eve..

Note – some will use Sumerian creation tales as proof that the Bible stole parts of the mythology to make it seem more real. I would implore you to not look at this as plausible – this is one of the things that sucked me in as I first got started.

Trying to reach the Theistic Satanist is hard – if not nigh impossible.. They believe they follow the true god – when they only follow God’s Usurper Satan. Preaching hate towards them, or harassing them only solidifies their resolve to be against the God of The Bible – and cannot be used as a tool to fight them.

Fringes Galore

The one thing that exists in Satanism, to the extreme – is fringe groups.. And I do mean FRINGE..

There are groups that claim to be in control of the world – They are not.. Mostly they consist of a few online groups that make an impression or a series of claims.. Other than that there is nothing there.

There are groups that claim to have millions of members hiding in the shadows.. They do not – there is likely less than a million Satanists in the USA alone – and undoubtedly around a million worldwide. Claiming to have untold millions of genuine Satanists borders on conspiratorial, even if you count in all pagans or other occultists.

The Nazi Satanists, are another random grouping of such – comprised of highly Anti-Semitic Satanists claiming to be following the same teachings set forth by Heinrich Himmler of the Nazi SS – all the way back in World War 2. They claim that Hitler himself was a Satanist, (grant it he was a great tool of Satan for sure) and that they are destined to carry out his master plan.

Then there are the criminal elements, which regardless of religion, they exist. Regardless of the claims made about these people, they are few and far between.

Conspiracy Theories

Beginning in the 1980’s, there was something known as the ‘Satanic Panic’ which spread across the United States and Europe. Individuals came forward with ‘recalled’ memories, regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse, and other horrific actions committed by Satanists. While these are terrifying accounts, the fact is that none of them have ever been substantiated, even in the smallest fraction.

Despite multiple people telling similar stories, there has never been any child abuse rings, sacrifices or other forms of abuse from within the Satanic or Occult communities.

It is easy to come up with conspiracy theories and blame them on Satanists lurking in the shadows. I have heard it done from the pulpit, however these do nothing other than increase the amount of perceived power these individuals have, as well as increase their mystique when it comes to Christian youths. Think about it – if Satanists have real world power, success and such – what is not enticing about that to the youth of the church? No matter the stories told about how wrong they are, or how evil it is to be one – there is always that nagging temptation that will sit in the mind of a teenager. Do we not have enough to contend with in this world for the souls of our children, that we need to add the temptation of world power?

To Combat Satanism

As with any occult practice Satanism contains rituals and spells – these can be benign or malignant. However, with Satanism, unlike many occult practices, there tend to be more involving anger, hate and destruction. The Christian must be careful when engaging in spiritual warfare, as it cannot be won through the same methods as they use. Anger and hate only feed the ego of the Satanist, and will embolden them and their colleagues into similar action.

First, no – as a Christian you cannot be demon possessed – regardless of what a Satanist in the heat of battle may tell you.. you may become oppressed by a demon, however this is just the beginning of what they can cause. They may not be able to affect you, but they can effect your surroundings, your family, your church. All aspects of the Christian are open to the attack of Satan, and his followers will not hesitate to take advantage of this.

Some may, and have, harassed Satanists in public, at work, or even at home. This does nothing but make them out to be a victim in the public eye and tarnishes the witness for Christ that we should seek to have. As Christians, our aim should be to win them to Christ, not beat them into submission. This is a Catholic ideology, and one that has fed into one of the largest beliefs that Christians are militaristic thugs who have destroyed true ‘religion’ on planet earth. (As Christians we know this is not true, however it is one of their rallying cries – and we must not feed into it.)

The most effective tool we have to combat Satanism, and Satan in general has nothing to do with the conspiratorial, or the outlandish.. It is simple soul-winning, and living a separated Godly lifestyle. By showing the true Christian love, separation, and soul-winning heart that we are commanded to have by God, we have the greatest tool against the enemy.

We must guard our children against occult themes in books, games and television. In doing so, we must also never indulge the fantasy wrought on ‘shock’ websites, or radio/television shows. Media in general glamorizes or cloaks Satanism in a mysterious shadow that can become enticing. We must teach our children that it is a tool of Satan to deceive, nothing more, and nothing less.

Spells –

While spells are common in all forms of occult witchcraft, the ones that are involved in Satanism can easily be much more damaging to the average person if they are done right. Christians are often targets of such, as we are the most avid opponents to their joining mainstream acceptance. While this position should never fade, feeding into the connotations of their conspiracy theories gives them admittedly more power than they would have if we simply looked at them for what they are – in rebellion against God and nothing more than lost souls needing salvation.

Closing –

Satanism is wrong – it is a path that leads the lost to destruction, and the saved who may be deceived thereby, to absolute uselessness for Christ. Satan may give you something here on this earth – but it will not last. His apples all have worms my friend, as I have seen myself, and it will not end well for you, or anyone else on the path.

I am sorry if this bursts some of the bubble that exists regarding those who call themselves Satanists or their supposed influence in the world at large – however if something is being perpetrated that is false – it is the job of the Christian to seek and follow absolute truth on the matter. This is what I have presented above.

Reminder – There is no difference between Satanism and what would genuinely be considered Satanic. If we wished to be technical, and frankly Biblical – we could simply label ALL occult practices, false religions, apostate denominations of faux-Christianity. This is essentially the umbrella to which it all applies, however this is descriptive of what the WORLD calls Satanism – not what we as Bible Believing Christians would call Satanism – which is everything that is not following the KJB!

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